Praise for BTB

What people are saying about BTB!


Danielle Baker-Pomo

I’ve had the pleasure of taking Abby’s Flow & Chill Yoga class now for well over a year at Harbor Fitness in Bay Ridge on Wednesday mornings. It always felt like Wednesday morning was a reset button to my week, recharging my body and mind and mentally preparing me for the week ahead. I am now almost 8 months pregnant and have continued taking Abby’s class throughout my pregnancy. Not only does the class still help me stay centered and focused on my body, mind and spirit, but it has helped tremendously with my pregnancy and Abby has always given me lots of special attention to make sure I am comfortable and safe…I feel blessed to have found her class and look forward to continuing my yoga journey with her through this pregnancy and long after it’s over.

Josephine McTague

Abby is amazing! She leads her yoga classes with ease and flexibility. She connects with her students on a very individual basis. Every time I leave her class, I feel stronger in mind, body, and breath. She helps me feel connected and at peace. I am so grateful to have Abby as a Yogini!

Nadja Wolos

I took Abby’s first class and from that class I knew that she was going to forever be one of my favorite teachers and an amazing teacher! She teaches with such a caring and loving vibe. You feel safe with Abby. Not just physically but emotionally! Her teaching is very smart, creative and fun! Wish I could take a class with her everyday!!

Kenny Herbert

I returned to yoga after a decade without yoga. Abby brought me back from not being able to do even the basics to being able to enjoy a challenging 90-minute class. Then, I broke my collarbone and my leg in an accident, and I had to start from less than zero, following 8 weeks of confined bed rest/convalescence. Once I was able to stand again, Abby tailored her sessions to my quite-limited recuperation, helping me to the point where our yoga sessions outstripped my physical therapy sessions. I’m only a couple months removed from bedrest, yet I’m able to make it through hour-long sessions with few limitations, and look forward to where we will go from here. I greatly recommend yoga for its obvious benefits, and I strongly recommend Abby as a teacher and guide to procure those benefits for you.

Sean O’Donohue

Abby at Bring the Body Yoga is an experienced Yoga instructor who I found to be kind, understanding and knowledgeable in her interactions with me in one on one Yoga lessons. The atmosphere she creates is one that is non-judgmental and non-intimidating. A very healing environment to exercise. She also caters her lessons to the individual’s needs which is very helpful. I highly recommend her as an outstanding, caring teacher.