No Yogi Left Behind

My Mission

#NOYOGILEFTBEHIND BTB is especially passionate about making Yoga accessible to anyone who wishes to create a Yoga practice. There are many barriers to taking classes at a studio or gym. If you are home-bound, have limited movement in the limbs, feel self-conscious, think you are not flexible enough or not balanced enough – maybe you just dislike the “scene”. Regardless of the physical condition of your body, BTB can create a Yoga practice that will be fulfilling, challenging and engaging for you! #NOYOGILEFTBEHIND can offer private lessons and semi-private lessons.
If you, or someone, or a group of people you know has special needs, please contact Abby to discuss options for developing a personalized Yoga program.

Private Sessions

One-to-One sessions where the individual goals and needs of a client are discussed and a plan of action is developed. This client might be new to Yoga, uncomfortable or unable to attend group classes, and may or may not have specific health concerns and issues.

Small Group Classes

Two or more people for sessions. In these sessions, individual goals and needs are explored and shared. Themes of classes are determined by Abby that will best suit the group.

"Senior" Yoga

Classes for older adults are taught in a group setting and poses are adapted so that people with physical limitations can enjoy the benefits of Yoga.

Well BEING Corporate Programs

Corporate classes and Wellness programs are created in alignment with the missions and core values of the organization. Typically, monthly Wellness meetings with weekly Yoga/Movement classes are suggested.

Group Classes

If you're interested in attending one of Abby's regular group classes, you can find her at any one of the following fitness centers: