About Abby

The LAST thing I ever expected to be in life was a YOGA teacher…

Growing up I participated in sports, like basketball, volleyball, softball and tennis. Yoga didn’t come onto my radar until friends of mine began prodding me to take a class. As Yoga gained popularity, the media-driven images of Yoga turned me off. I was never graceful or flexible. The dance classes I took as a kid, left me feeling extremely self-conscious and unwilling to participate in group classes. I also did not look good in spandex.

A friend was doing his training, and I took some of his free Yoga classes. I liked the way I felt after class. I went to Kripalu for a Yoga retreat, where I caught the Yoga bug! That summer I did my 200hr training, and then the 300hr training at Yoga High. There I learned about the community of taking class with others, but I also learned the value of having some private lessons!

What drew me most to yoga was the unconditional acceptance the practice offers. It was the only form of movement that I tried, where I felt great inside and out afterwards class. With the unique challenges Yoga presents, it also offers the space to hold each person’s experience each time you choose to engage in the practice.

Everyone needs some acceptance, grounding and understanding when beginning a yoga practice. Whether it’s a private lesson, group class, corporate class, pre-natal or senior yoga, my nurturing and caring come through. Listening to your own body is an art in itself. Many of us need a little guidance. My intuitive nature, experience and knowledge make me a good sherpa!

Namasté is loosely translated in English, “the teacher in me bows to the teacher in you.” I respect YOUR own knowledge of your body, and I work with you to learn more. Let me show you how, when you bring the body, the Yoga will follow!

Abby's Certifications

  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification from Yoga High, NYC

  • 300hr Yoga Teacher Certification from Yoga High, NYC

  • Pre-natal training through Ishta Yoga with Gina Menza

  • Pre-natal training through Lila Wellness with Mia Borgatta and Eden Fromberg

  • Embodied Asana Training with Amy Matthews, The Breathing Project

  • Pilates Mat Training: Bent Pilates, Kim Kuznitz

  • Senior Yoga Training with Carol Krucoff and Kimberly Carson

  • Apprentice with SMARTerBodies.com

  • CPR certified

It is with the deepest gratitude and admiration
that I share the lineage of my teaching background.

If you see a turtle sitting on a fence, you know it had to have had help.

Advanced Studies:

Amy Matthews


Melissa Gutierrez


Kim-Lien Kendall


Francesca Cervero


500 hour Yoga Training:

Liz Buehler Walker (Peter Rizzo) – lizbyogalife


Mel Russo (Max Strom)


Pre-Natal Training:

Gina Menza

Ishta Yoga, NYC

Mia Borgatta Ma Yoga

Lila Wellness, NYC

Meditation Training:

Patricia Milder

Yoga High, NYC

Pilates Mat Training:

Kim Kuznitz Bent Pilates

Bent Pilates, NYC

Each yoga teacher is like a tree, with firm roots and strong limbs, ever growing new leaves of knowledge. Each tree comes from far greater trees. I humbly thank all those who have been so generous with me on my path.