When Yoga is not enough- Spotlight on Dr. Darin Burdman

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The most common complaint I hear as a yoga teacher is, “my lower back is….. tight, sore, feeling weird”. It is no wonder given what the typical person is doing on a day-to-day basis. Working on a computer 6-8 hours or more a day, or waiting tables, or texting, studying or just protecting themselves from the stressors of life- traffic, biking, walking- can all contribute to discomfort in the spine and/or joints. However, a yoga teacher is NOT (or rarely) a doctor. As a yoga teacher, once you have an actual diagnosis from a doctor, BTB can support the work that will be done, to create the best outcome. BTB is here to highlight Dr. Darin Burdman. Darin and I have been working in coordination for about a year. Although Darin is a Doctor of Chiropractic medicine, he is more of a healer. There is nothing in Darin’s treatments that is at all common. He does not put you in a room for 30 minutes with heat or “stim” treatment and then “adjust” you and send you on your way only to require you to return 2-3 times a week. Darin knows that modality is ineffective and bordering on unethical.

A first visit with Darin will take about an hour, where he creates a thorough patient history. Then the chiropractic assessment begins. With nearly 30 years experience, Darin can feel irregularities and knows exactly what will help. Sometimes, Darin will only do an adjustment if he deems it necessary. Darin regularly suggests exercises and recommends patients to come back in six weeks. Darin hopes patients will take an active role in making progress. Darin knows that people fall into patterns of movement, and that this can create instability in the body, particularly in the structural foundation- bones and joints. In his own words, Darin, “has been practicing for 29 years and given over 200,000 chiropractic adjustments since he started his profession. He truly enjoys treating his patients and seeing them blossom to their maximum human potential of health through chiropractic adjustments. His also enjoys teaching the benefits of chiropractic to the public.”

Not only is Darin a colleague, he is also my chiropractor. I have had experience with other chiropractors, and I had some relief. However, Darin’s clear explanation of what is “wrong” and suggestions to support better alignment, has helped me create yoga sequences that are helping me! Instead of relief, I am having physical change that is longer lasting!

For more information about Darin check out his webpage http://drburdmanchiropractic.com

Abby Kaufmann
Abby Kaufmann
Abby fell in love with yoga at Kripalu, which led to a 200-hr teacher training at Yoga High in New York’s Lower East Side. With a seeker’s mind, whose appetite had just been whetted, she signed up for the follow-up advanced 300-hr training. Abby’s diverse education includes a Bachelor’s degree in social work and certifications as a Health Coach, Pilates teacher and Karuna Reiki master. Set up an appointment with Abby today

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