Having trouble fitting yoga into your busy schedule?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go to the cozy yoga studio or energetic gym and take your daily yoga class? Yes, in a perfect world that would be splendid. Is your hectic work schedule, kids, school, LIFE getting in the way of your yoga practice? Do you SWEAR you’re going to start your home practice tomorrow and tomorrow just never comes? Is your yoga getting a little out of your price range? Are you not thrilled by the group class experience but can’t afford to do regular private lessons?

Bring The Body can help support you in your quest for a regular yoga practice! Abby is teaching online classes at powhow.com both for BTB and for SMARTerBodies.



Abby Kaufmann
Abby Kaufmann
Abby fell in love with yoga at Kripalu, which led to a 200-hr teacher training at Yoga High in New York’s Lower East Side. With a seeker’s mind, whose appetite had just been whetted, she signed up for the follow-up advanced 300-hr training. Abby’s diverse education includes a Bachelor’s degree in social work and certifications as a Health Coach, Pilates teacher and Karuna Reiki master. Set up an appointment with Abby today

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