Resolutions gone WILD!

Did you make a resolution? To me, that has become a question like sex, religion and politics, not to be discussed in polite company. In addition, resolutions, i my opinion, are made to be broken. What a set-up for instant self-hatred! Of course, there are some people who do make resolutions that they DO stick to. Bully for them! However, fitness organizations, weight-loss systems make money on the bet that you will JOIN them, and then drop out. Why? Because a large percentage of people join up for things, then burn out quickly, get bored, or stop making the time for in their schedules to participate. When it comes to a gym, many people try to make up for a year of inactivity by blasting “it out” in one week, they get sore, maybe they even injure themselves, and then they “take it easy” and never go back- at least not until the next big resolution.

What can YOU do to stay on track?

First of all, why make a resolution to begin with? Why not just commit daily to activities that you WANT to do, that are functional for your lifestyle, and that are varied and keep you interested.

Do you want to lose weight? Find out what activities and foods that will support YOU to do so. What works for one person may not work for you. You didn’t gain weight over night, although it may FEEL like you did, and it’s not going to come off over night either. STARVING yourself will NOT work!

Do you want to tone? Try Yoga! In addition to yoga, add in a day or two of some weight training! That will help tone, and build balance and stability for your yoga practice as well.

Do you want to bike or run a marathon? Add some yoga into your training schedule to create balance in the body.

Crosstraining, NOT Crossfit(!!), will sharpen your skills in the fitness area you like most! So, if you are into Pilates, try a yoga class also, to add some stretching into you strengthening routine!

Ask yourself, are you giving yourself time to restore from your workouts? Sleeping enough is important, meditation can also provide a healthy way to recuperate from your workouts.

Bring The Body can help you to create an action plan for your daily goals20141113_Abby_06_1789

Abby Kaufmann
Abby Kaufmann
Abby fell in love with yoga at Kripalu, which led to a 200-hr teacher training at Yoga High in New York’s Lower East Side. With a seeker’s mind, whose appetite had just been whetted, she signed up for the follow-up advanced 300-hr training. Abby’s diverse education includes a Bachelor’s degree in social work and certifications as a Health Coach, Pilates teacher and Karuna Reiki master. Set up an appointment with Abby today

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