Mild winter in NYC

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Seems like the groundhogs have lost their footing! Supposedly we are in for six more weeks of winter, and yet, when did winter actually begin? Sure, we had a couple of raw, freezing days. Yet, nothing compared to last year!

So, I can’t post about how we all need to renew our bodies, souls and minds from the frigid temperatures… HOWEVER…. I CAN post about how ALL New Yorkers need a daily dose of calm, restorative quiet, relaxing and meditative peace!

Speaking solely for

Mikao Usui 臼井甕男 (1865–1926)

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myself, just walking down the street, getting on a subway, and dealing with people on the phone can unbalance my inner emotional sanctum. What do I do?


What is REIKI????

In the early 1900’s Dr. Mikao Usui was sitting under a waterfall meditating when he discovered that he was given special powers which he identified as Rei(spiritual wisdom) and Ki(life energy). Dr. Usui found that a spiritually guided life energy could direct his hands over a person’s body to discover areas of Dis-Ease… and that the “laying on of hands” would channel the life force energies to where they were needed to bring healing and comfort to the person receiving the treatment.

What was most wonderful about this process was that it seemed to provide non-invasive relief for many common complaints.

I have been studying Reiki and have attained the Master level. Thusfar, I have been giving at least five Reiki treatments a week, and people have been emerging feeling deeply affected in a positive way! The proof for me in the faces of these people after the session. They emerge with eyes brighter, breathing more profound and less taxed, body feeling balanced, and a sense of calm and rejuvenation. Who doesn’t need that????

For a limited time, I am offering Reiki treatments for an introductory price. Reiki is meant to be shared and can only bring about positive results. I cannot and do not claim to HEAL people. What I can claim, is that Reiki will put you in such a positive mental and emotional state, that healing is given a greater opportunity to take place.

Please email me at or call me at (718) 775-5659 to make an appointment!

With Love and Light,

Abby, Reiki Master, Holistic health coach, Baker and Chef

Abby Kaufmann
Abby Kaufmann
Abby fell in love with yoga at Kripalu, which led to a 200-hr teacher training at Yoga High in New York’s Lower East Side. With a seeker’s mind, whose appetite had just been whetted, she signed up for the follow-up advanced 300-hr training. Abby’s diverse education includes a Bachelor’s degree in social work and certifications as a Health Coach, Pilates teacher and Karuna Reiki master. Set up an appointment with Abby today

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  1. joel says:

    Sounds great!! When can I a session, and what is the introductory price?