What’s Cooking Tonight!

Although I have been greedily chomping down cheese and crackers all day today (poppy seed crackers with cracker barrel cheddar, and Triscuits with Jarlsburg and mayo), this has not kept me from my health mission!!

As we write, long grain wild rice, bought in bulk at Westerly Health Food store on eighth avenue and 54th street… I toasted the rice in the sautee pan until brownish. This not only gives the rice a nice toasty flavor, but also kills bacterias that are not good for the intestinal lining. I then add twice the amount of water (filtered) and allow to boil before I reduce the heat.

One thing you must know about me, I don’t know how long ANYTHING takes to cook! I had a baking professor, Joe Tarantino, who was known to say, “look at your watch when you start, look at your watch when it’s done, THEN you will know how long it takes”…. In general, rice takes longer than I THINK it will!!! I always nibble a kernel or two before judging its doneness. This batch of rice I made without any flavoring agents. Sometimes I add a bouillion cube. Before I became as health conscious as I am today(and still have soooo far to go), I would use a Knorr cube… Today, I prefer vegetarian cubes found at the health food store. However, tonight, I will be adding the rice to some red lentils I made last week, so that I may further combine all to a lovely mix of cabbage, kale and diced beets!! This shall be my dinner for Monday and Tuesday!!! I will season with celtic salt and black and white pepper. The lentils have already been seasoned, as has the cabbage, with turmeric, cumin and garlic.

The other endeavor tonight is chunky apple sauce. I bought fugi and pink lady apples and shall skin them and chop them. In a large sauce pan, with some organic lemon juice, turbinado sugar, nutmeg and lemon zest I will cook the apples on low flame until they are soft but not mushy. My primary future plan for this apple sauce is for my Oatmeal Berry Breakfast Bars!!!! Stay Tuned!!!

Abby Kaufmann
Abby Kaufmann
Abby fell in love with yoga at Kripalu, which led to a 200-hr teacher training at Yoga High in New York’s Lower East Side. With a seeker’s mind, whose appetite had just been whetted, she signed up for the follow-up advanced 300-hr training. Abby’s diverse education includes a Bachelor’s degree in social work and certifications as a Health Coach, Pilates teacher and Karuna Reiki master. Set up an appointment with Abby today


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